Malta & Gozo
     Malta and Gozo are two small islands separated by another almost uninhabited sister island, Comino. The Maltese archipelago is found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Mediterranean climate boasts all year-round sunshine with an average temperature of 30C, plus a wealth of history and culture.

     The lifestyle of the residents is of low cost living with a high standard of health care, economic and political stability, with no ethnic disharmony, safe environment with low incidence of crime, easy integration into friendly local community and excellent telecommunications and air travel connections.

     To come across to Gozo, one can make use of the Gozo ferry which is a pleasent 30 minute trip across the channel or the Helicopter and enjoy the panoramic views of our island from the skies. The honey coloured buildings of our rustic countryside make a contrast against the deep blue sea and the sky.


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Ramla Bay
Dahlet Qorrot
Malsalforn Bay



    Xaghra is most famous for the prehistoric sites, the temples of Ggantija , and the Neolithic site of Santa Verna, which lie nearby. Calypso's cave, of mythical fame, also lies within Xaghra. The main church is one of the most beautiful of Gozo's churches, with its richly-decorated interior, gilt sculptures, Italian marbles and paintings. The village also has two famous grottos, Ta' Xerri and Ta' Ninu , both of them beneath private houses but open to the public. The grottos have remarkable stalactites and stalagmites. The village also has two unusual museums: a Toy Museum; and an old wheat-grinding windmill. ta' Kola', still in working order, has been fully restored and houses a collection of agricultural and domestic artefacts from centuries past.




Ramla Bay

     As one of the most popular beaches in Gozo, Ramla Bay offers incredible green-blue waters and honey coloured sand. It is by far the largest sandy beach in Gozo and draws large numbers of Gozitans and tourists alike.

For those interested in archeology, on the east side of the bay, mostly buried under soil and sand, there are the remains of a Roman Villa, with other parts of it buried beyond the beach and in the sea.

Malsalforn Bay
     In the past, Marsalforn was a fishing village frequented by a small number of prosperous Gozitans. It has now become Gozo's largest resort with hotels, apartment blocks and souvenir shops being more prominent than the few fishing boats that dot the little harbour.

     The small beach attracts the crowds but the bays of Qbajjar and Xwejni to the northwest are much quieter for swimming. The saltpans all around here date from the 1700s and are still in use.

Dahlet Qorrot
    This colourful sheltered bay, with its boathouses built into the cliff, can only be reached through Nadur. Also to see is the watchtower of Ta' Sopu.

Places to visit


The Three Cities
St. John Cathedral
Mdina & Rabat


Ramla Bay
Marsalforn Bay
Dwejra Bay
Xlendi Bay
Ta’ Pinu
Citadel Cathedral


Blue Lagoon
St. Mary Bay
Comino Tower

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